About Us

Why Aff Root

Aff Root provides advertisers with an effective performance based marketing solution through its ad affiliate network and helping publisher to earn more commission.

Aff Root delivers millions of impressions and thousand of conversions to hundreds of advertisers from different segments. Aff Root works on flexible modules like CPM, CPC, CPV, CPI, CPR, CPL, CPA which are risk free and performance oriented which helps advertisers partners to get maximum ROI and more revenues and at same time more options for our publisher partners to choose according to their inventories.

Established in 2016, AffRoot is India's leading ad-affiliate networks catering all Branding, Performance devices over Web, Mobile and Videos. The agenda and end goal of Aff Root is to help advertiser in such a flexible and moderate marketing channel options wherein they can freely opt for services which are more relevant to them and can advertise their products and services digitally and increase their market shares and resulting in high ROI. Aff Root is using one of the premium affiliate marketing tracking technology (Scaleo) to have almost 100% accuracy for both advertisers and publishers.