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Why AffRoot Advertising platform?

  • Over 5000 global publishers, bloggers, developers etc.
  • Choice of advertisement options like CPC, CPM, CPV, CPI, CPR, CPL, CPA.
  • No Integration Fee to advertise.
  • Fraud presentation and optimization.
  • Strong leadership and advisory board.
  • Sales increment strategies and schemes.
  • Global reach with 30+ Billion impressions, 10+ Million conversions.

Who will Drive Your Conversions?

On AffRoot we have multiple types of Publisher partners who actually drive traffic, visits, conversions, sales to advertiser website.

The common type of publishers work with us are:-

Content Rich Publishers

These are those publishers who are actually owners of their own Blogs which we called them a blogger, or owner of rewarded websites, survey/incentive websites, review websites, online publications site, forums, press release and social media publishers generating traffic from their content websites.

Incentive Publishers

These are those publishers who owns Incent website, mobile applications, rewarded websites or apps, Cash back and Voucher code websites owners and these are the publishers who actually drive fast traffic and conversions on the advertiser end.

Search Publishers

These publishers actually are the richest publishers because they do promotion from their own money and they create paid ads on the right hand side of organic search results on sites such as Google, Bing, Facebook. The agenda here from these publishers is to generate quick traffic and the relevant one to generate an income.

Comparison Publishers

These are one who actually works on comparison mechanism wherein they are showing and selling multiple products from multiple advertisers on same time at their websites an earning commissions from there. These type of publishers are more useful for Cost per Sale (CPS) module.

E-Mail Publishers

These are the premium publishers who are having most relevant audiences with them and they are doing the promotions via sending email creatives. The kind of targeting and segmentation of audience they have is of pure quality and niche, so they come in their 1 standard in publisher segment.

Display Advertising Publishers

They are actually the one who are having top web portals with them which are having huge traffic on their websites and usually they sell their inventories on CPM basis which comes under premium inventories when we talk about Display Advertisements.

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