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Why AffRoot?

  • Over 200 Web & Mobile offers for worldwide geos.
  • Flexible payment options (Prepaid, Weekly, Bi-monthly, Monthly).
  • Top converting and multi category campaigns.
  • Plenty of options to choose from CPC, CPM, CPV, CPI, CPR, CPL, CPA.
  • High quality and prompt support.
  • Real Time reporting and feedbacks.
  • Timely newsletter updates, tips to monetise traffic and to increase earnings.
  • Free to Join.
  • Easy to plan with tracking system.
  • API support (Offers & Reporting API)

How this works?

Publisher Choose from variety of offers based on inventory type. Publisher request for creatives to place on their website, mobile application. Interested/Potential users comes on the publisher website/app and view/click from the advertiser advertisement.

User lands on the advertiser website to look at services/products. User completes the action (Fill the Form, Buy product), pixel fires and tracked. Affiliates eligible for commission of that action.

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