Why Affroot

India's leading CPA affiliate network for Web & Mobile Publishers & App Developers.

Global Reach

AffRoot is having a global reach and access to latest technology and services.

Top Converting Offers

Having a pool of more than 200 offers from across the globe and from different categories like E-Commerce, Travel & Hospitality, Utilities, Gaming, Trading & Forex, Surveys & Incentives, Health & Beauty and many more.

High Revenues

Top converting offers giving high eCPMs, more clicks and more conversions resulting in high revenues at the end.

Are your ready to make maximum out of your websites, mobile apps?

Going AffRoot publishers program and get access to high quality CPM, CPC, CPV, CPI, CPA offers and monetise your websites & apps and earn more commissions.

Affroot Advantages

  • 50 million impressions a month
  • Over 10 million transactions/conversions a month.
  • Low risk for advertiser partners being on performance model.
  • Excellent and high ROI and returns.
  • Over 5000 globally top bloggers, publishers, developers, app owners.
  • Over 200 offers globally for our publisher partners.
  • Flexible payment options (Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly).
  • Top quality multi category high converting offers from Web, Mobile & Videos.
  • 24x7 support over tracking, technology and revenue increasing tips and suggestions.

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